Once a project design has been approved, we will provide a detailed proposal for the work we will be contracted to install.  The proposal will be broken down into site work, masonry and construction, planting, landscaping and payment terms. Clients can proceed with the entire project or determine if some items or elements need to be eliminated or modified.  They can also phase the installation in over time to meet their budget needs.  We do install designs from other firms.  An installation proposal can be generated based on the plans and construction drawings provided.


We perform the majority of work with our own employees and equipment.  The work we don’t do ourselves is performed by a team of subcontractors that we have developed an excellent working relationship with over the years.  These subcontractors share our passion and commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and help us maintain the quality of work on your property.


Often times, once projects are under way, clients want changes to the landscape once they see how it is progressing.  Monitoring these changes and keeping communication open with everyone involved with a project helps keep work within budget and on schedule.  Changes to the scope of work are performed with written change orders and may or may not add additional costs to the installation.


Great care is used in selecting the materials that we use in our work from the hardscape materials to the landscape and plant materials.  Whenever possible we personally select materials used on our jobs.  When it is not possible, we use reliable suppliers to purchase the highest quality materials and products.






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